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What the hell happened to National Geographic

?Well, we know that theMurdoch family and their Fox organization took over the magazine rag at the end of 2015. As the Guardian reported then, the magazine cheap Canada Goose was bleeding money, and after the takeover a lot of people either quit or were fired. And now, it seems, the magazine is turning into a tabloid, one with strong religious overtones. If you go to National Geographic Shop, for instance, you find this (I believe this issue came out in the spring):National Geographic, post canada goose factory sale Murdoch, has slid downhill rapidly. They recently had cover stories about:Mary (the fictional Mary of the Jesus story) and “life after death”, uk canada goose which included several two page spread photosand took up a large percentage of the issue. I’ve been meaning to send a letter to NG letting them know thatI will no longer read their magazine due to its abandonment of science based journalism; but this, enclosed withthe most recent issue, may push me over to finally write that letter. Well, not really. If Canada Goose online they going to ruin their canada goose uk shop reputation with junk like this, that their prerogative. I no longer subscribe, and many people seem to be cancelling their subscriptions in view of the new Murdoch ownership. God knows (that a metaphor) what their television channel is up Canada Goose Outlet to.We know nothing about Jesus except for the highly suspect stories in the Bible, and there even doubt about whether the Jesus myth accreted around a real person. Do you think National Geographic mentions that in this book? I doubt it. They Canada Goose Parka once got children like me excited about the world; now they peddle damaging myths to much I loved the magazine as a child, and how eagerly I tore through each issue to learn about the world, and admire the fantastic photo it almost makes me weep. too.If we were paying for the subscription, I would cancel it with the letter mentioned. However one of our relatives Canada Goose Jackets is giving us a gift subscription. I may ask canada goose outlet them to bother in future.At this point, I just can get past the baloney, as portrayed well by the cover you show in this post, to even bother to see if there anything of substance in the rest of the issue.I canada goose have stopped reading NG, Canada Goose Online which I never thought would happen.The more (ex )readers cancel their subscriptions, Canada Goose sale the better. The Murdoch people do not give a damn about Christianity; they publish such stuff because it sells. If canada goose uk black friday there are enough enlightened consumers to reverse the demand trend, the magazine will reverse its policy as well or, at least, a new nice magazine will appear to fill the niche.BTW, I have interest in mythology, archaeology canada goose store and the link between them. I would actually like to read serious articles comparing the Judeo Christian mythology with archaeological evidence. canada goose coats However, I rarely find high quality writing because of the interference of Christian fundamentalism. when it is about Greek mythology and historical ancient Greece, you will find cautious discussions whether the individual named in Hittite records may correspond canada goose black friday sale to Greek epic hero Eteocles. But when it is about ancient Judea and Samaria, the historicity of Jesus, Mary uk canada goose outlet etc. is taken for granted by popular media.Playing with the word Jerry taught me in this post, we need to accrete literacy in the minds of the masses, not dumb them with drivel presented as archeology. Odious Murdoch.National Geographic was amongst the first print to reach me as a child. I read this issue in May of buy canada goose jacket 1984. Note the mentioning of Washington Olympic Peninsula. A child of the Arizonian desert, the issue sparked in the mind of a six year old the dream of canada goose coats on sale living in the lush land of ferns; I live in Canada Goose Coats On Sale Seattle.This skeleton was probably the first I ever seen, getting me to think about mortality and past civilizations.Appalling in what used to be a great publication with fascinating articles (well I once got an annual subscription) and the pictures are outstanding.They will lose their traditional subscribers to this and the worrying thing is some religious subscribers will think this stuff has archeological basis. Its utterly dishonest, but I suppose they don care as long as it sells another ruthless undermining of the press for money analogous in some ways to the phone hacking newspaper scandals that went on in the UKThe key turning point seems to be when NG got into the high stakes world of TV, making them financially dependent on, and therefore vulnerable to, takeover canada goose clearance in a world they had little experience of and couldn control. If canadian goose jacket they had stuck to cheap canada goose uk the magazine, who cares if the subs fell from 15 million twenty years ago to 3.5 million? 3.5 million is still a hell of a subscription base, and they could easily have had a steady increase in price (from its ludicrously low level in the 90s equivalent to, I recall, little more than $1 per issue) to smooth out the decline in income and still be continuing today at a more modest but still sustainable level. The magazine was worth saving, and the tragedy is that those in charge at the time buy canada goose jacket cheap crucial decisions canada goose clearance sale were made were canada goose uk outlet too blinded by the glamour of big money they didn care enough to see what a Faustian bargain they were getting into.

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