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Keep in mind, the Lions could of won that game against the

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Nothing worse than someone who uses a profile as a canada

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9 Bergen Catholic, No. 16 Hillsborough and No. 18 Passaic Tech.. He would tell stories of how “the moment” would flash a certain emotion that he couldn’t see coming nor see it leave. It would just compound the notes he was blowing on his tenor saxophone. The aura that hung over him would slide its […]

At a time when kids are tripping over their guts and trailing

This stranger than fiction band biography is pop history told in four part harmony. Like Scorsese sassy gangsters hijacking the story, each member of the band tugs our sleeve, saying, listen to those guys. I tell you what really happened. At a time when kids are tripping over their guts and trailing their asses […]

Frankly, I probably get a few people fired via writeup

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Supreme Court precedents are clear on the unconstitutionality

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“Who has Joe dated? And is he single now?Joe is thought to have

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The sixth schedule autonomy is designed to create division

Some viewers were so spooked, they took to Twitter to declare they were on the verge of throwing up (thanks for sharing). No less a figure than doyen of modern uncanny fiction, Stephen King, weighed in. “I don’t usually care for this kind of revisionism, but this is great,” he tweeted. cheap jordans free shipping […]

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Most of the vehicle manufacturers suggest that the fuel filters be changed once in five years or after the vehicle has run approximately 50,000 miles. But the mechanics choose to disagree with the manufacturers. They are of the opinion that changing a fuel filter once in five years is very unrealistic as the fuel filters […]

I have written about this effect in the past

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