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So we making out and my shirt and bra come off. Which was pretty escalated for us. Then we heard a car door slam. What makes it difficult for men suffering from premature ejaculation to seek a cure for their condition is the way their self esteem is affected by this sexual dysfunction. This is […]

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Maybe we should stare the possibility of a breakup in its face, if we’re ever to regain our old civility and affection for fellow Americans. Before criminalizing honest policy differences, before the online shaming, the Twitter mobs and the no platforming, before doxing ideological enemies, let’s recall that those enemies just might have exit options. […]

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Many people often wonder why are killer whales endangered if they are so unique? Sadly, there are many threats to the endangered killer whales that drastically decrease their population numbers. Many contaminants in the oceans kill the whales, causing their numbers to diminish. The contaminants often include oil spills. “I would say that was the […]