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But as the protest of recent years has shown, the Academy Awards can throw a spotlight on wider industry inequality. A few high profile individuals can skew our perceptions about how members of a certain group are faring but result in little, if any, substantial change. This year could prove to be unique in that […]

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Haley Crosier (W) 19:41.11; 7. Marion Huth (L) 19:57.55; 8. Ava Bachman (L) 20:06.46; 9. A: Diabetes was recognized more than two millennia ago, when prodigious production of urine and wasting of the body were first noted by Greek physician Aretaeus. There are even older descriptions of an illness marked by rapid emaciation that may […]

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Maine has more than three dozen public gardens waiting for you to walk through, gaze at and just experience the pure beauty of. Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay Harbor is perhaps the most well known but others exists in places like Orono, Augusta, South Paris and Kennebunk. Speaking of Kennebunk, that where you find […]

uninterruptible power supply

The hospital has two electrical systems that would be activated if power is lost: the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and generators. The generators are activated automatically if the normal supply of power lapses, resulting in full power within 10 seconds.The UPS is designed to activate immediately when power is lost, and to remain active until […]

motion in federal appeals

The NFL filed an emergency motion in federal appeals court Friday, hoping to get a swift ruling on its request to overrule a judge who blocked a six game suspension for star Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott in a domestic violence case in Ohio. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, even though a […]

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GRINNELL: As a beginner, you’re still trying to find out what works and what doesn’t. Anything less than three days per week doesn’t give you enough reps and volume to learn the movements and stay consistent. And anything more than three days per week can hinder your recovery. Cheap Jerseys free shipping DST has two […]

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“I was at the Acme for open mic night and I just got really, really drunk. I had really bad anxiety so there was no way I could do it without being drunk. Then I took a bunch of Xenadrine (the weight loss drug currently being pushed by Ronnie from Jersey Shore) and essentially vomited […]

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“It would be really nice to get there, but the Hull boys will be thinking exactly the same,” McGuire said. “It is going to be about performance, but there are other factors Gaz [Ellis, Hull’s captain] is retiring as well, I am moving on and Rob [Burrow] is retiring. There’s a lot of things people […]

expected to run for governor

He told a radio interview: saddest thing is because I’m the president of the United States, I’m not supposed to be involved in the Justice Department. I not supposed to be involved in the FBI. I not supposed to be doing the kinds of things I would love to be doing and I very frustrated […]

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They beat CSKA Moscow 3 1 in their opening Champions League fixture thanks to a hat trick from Brazilian forward Grafiti.8. Wolfsburg used to be managed by Wolfgang Wolf but he was sacked in 2003. Wolf’s most recent job came at Greece Super League club Skoda Xanthi FC, but he left after just two and […]