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The postal service in London has been appalling for the last 5 years. Any letter or parcel that looks as if it may have something remotely valuable in it never seems to get delivered. I blame it on all those temp agency staff they don’t care as they know they’re only going to be doing […]

Obesity shouldn’t just be treated by governments as a public

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Trump’s rise to the White House has revealed quite a few cultural shifts. And one of the most notable is how Christian conservatives, whose leaders once testified on Capitol Hill about the evils of pornography,haveembraced a man who once made acameo in an explicit Playboy video. And I think they are finally glad that there’s […]

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The one burning question I’ve got for all you Portmuthians canada goose black friday sale This is what I now know don’t attempt canada goose outlet to drive into Portsmouth if Pompey are home on a Saturday afternoon, and don’t expect to find a parking space Canada Goose sale without driving up and down at […]

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Thankfully, the mainstream media seems to have had an epiphany in reaction to the Charlottesville attack. People from across the ideological spectrum are trying to shame President Trump into using the word terrorism to describe what happened in Virginia. Right wing Republicans and lefty Democrats are both singing from the […]